Wednesday, 8 December 2010

341 Missed opportunities...

The snap that should be here wasn't taken!  It was afterwards, long afterwards, that I realised I'd missed an opportunity.
Sometimes if you don't think quickly enough the chance has slipped past.  I had the camera in my pocket ... indeed ... before getting out of the car I planned to take a photograph of an attractive snow covered bush.  The red of the branches glowed in the afternoon sunshine.  That picture was taken ... and, when I get to the other computer, I'll post it.  
So what did I miss?
I'd arrived at a Nursing Home to take a service for the residents.  The service sheets were on the back seat of my car.  I opened the door and ...
... out fell a new, unopened, large bottle of port!
Glass on tarmac - the result was the inevitable blood red stain on the snow covered surface with interesting chunks of green glass sparkling in the bright light.  Hmmmm.  Having stood looking at it, mesmerised for a while, the next job was to remove the glass .... 
And not once did I remember that there was a camera in my pocket! 
Call me a photographer?  I don't think so!  Though every time I look at the pretty branch I suppose I'll remember the picture that never was.

O God, the living God,
you have given us a living hope
by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead:
grant the we, being risen with him,
may fix our desire on things heavenly
and share life eternal;
through the same Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

The Promise of His Glory. 

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Daniel Owen said...

We all have "the one that got away" stories - still the picture that you took of the branch is a very good one if that's any consolation!