Friday, 3 December 2010

336 A room with a view.

It's that splash of red again!  This time, the postman.  What a day to have to walk the icy streets to deliver letters (and junk).  Freezing cold and blowing snow must have made his job today twice as difficult as usual.  At least he was wearing a Peruvian red woolly hat to keep his ears warm.
I was upstairs in the guest room.  My intention was to iron a shirt and then go out in the snow ... but the view from upstairs is fascinating and all sorts of things are happening - even on a winter's morning.
 The bird table (? can you call this a "table"?) is a constant source of pleasure.  Today with fresh seed it was filled with a great variety of birds ... by far the largest population were goldfinches.  They are so colourful and quarrelsome ... and this is where you need a camera with a long lens ... the "point and shoot" just don't do justice to the scene.  If you "click" on the pictures you'll get a better view ... 
Even with zooming in as close as possible and then cropping the picture to within an inch of its life ... the quality is poor.  But I enjoyed watching them!
This tree is directly outside the window... great in winter when the light can penetrate the branches - but not so good in summer when the canopy is dense.  It is good for the birds and the avenue is lined with trees on both sides making it a very attractive drive (or walk).  But on days like today, the pavements are covered with frozen snow and not easy to negotiate.
Of course, there was one view I'd rather not have had!  The AA van parked outside.  Just as I was leaving for a home communion visit the car refused to start.  It coughed, spluttered and then just went blank.... that's a look I've known before.  The battery died.
At least with AA membership I was able to call for help.  It actually took longer waiting on the telephone than it did for the mechanic to arrive at the house.  In less than thirty minutes from my call I was being helped and the engine was started.
Then, the local garage were terrific.  They had a battery in stock and it was fitted for free just as soon as the mechanics came back from their lunch break.  During the waiting time I was able to do some shopping and enjoy a "meat ball baguette" from their hot counter.  
Okay... three hours eaten out of the day ... but I did manage to do those things that were essential and the couple of other bits that weren't done will fit in tomorrow morning.  
To be flexible is important ... it is hard sometimes to have to leave things undone ... but that has to happen from time to time.  The snow has made life less than convenient these past few days ... but we are not nearly so badly hit as many other parts of the UK and Ireland.  You feel much more for those with livestock stranded in fields far from shelter, or for anyone whose life is seriously disrupted by the weather ... 
Tonight I feel thankful ... for a good friend who fixed my car heater yesterday, an efficient rescue service today, a helpful garage, for parish work done and (maybe especially) the joy of celebrating Holy Communion with one who cannot get to church .... I'm also thankful for a cosy house and roaring fire ... and good friends .... fresh coffee, fish supper ...  and the list could go on and on ... !!!  ... and the beauty of the snow ...!!

Lord God, awaken me
to the beauty of the world
and to the wonders of creation.
Awaken me to your love
and to your coming to me this day.
As you came to the patriarchs and prophets,
you come to me;
help me to be aware of your coming.

A Prayer A Day
David Adam

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