Thursday, 2 December 2010

335 Spoiled for choice ...

 This sparkling silver - yes, silver - necklace is a present from Italy.  The picture was taken in indoor light and then some processing has resulted in a rather strange colour!  Legs, tail and head all move and this little inch long pendant is such a beauty.
 It must be the day for turtles!  Earlier in the morning I was given this wee fellow in a glitter snow globe.  He came from USA and always keeps the right way up.  No matter how much shaking you give it the turtle swims calmly among the swirling particles.  I'm not sure if it's meant to be a bouncing ball but I'll not be testing it and Eliot won't be using it as a toy either.  You can imagine the mess if one of his teeth were to pierce the plastic shell!
We're having the trees around church and hall trimmed and removing all the dead ones so I spotted this fellow  just outside the office window today... he seems to be suspended in mid air - though I'm sure he was on a ladder... probably!  It has made such a difference to have the dead wood removed - now the light can get in and the grounds feel much more open and bright.  Trimming and removing stuff from in front of the church will also make the building more visible to passing traffic.  
Getting rid of clutter is a good thing - trouble is - I seem to attract it!  Maybe I need to begin with one piece of paper at a time and get things sorted ... but when is the time for that?  Perhaps if I do one piece every time I pass the desk or table eventually there'll be nothing left?  But every day the post brings a new pile of assorted items - much of it advertising and "junk" - and that seems to accumulate without me even touching it. I can't blame Eliot for that.
I suppose I might "blame" him for the accumulation of dog hairs ... but the poor wee soul can't really help it if his hair falls out, can he?  As I write the "gorgeous pup" is lying at my feet snoring his wee head off ... and in no time at all he'll transfer his slumbers to the bedroom.  What a life!  Eat and sleep and have someone attend to your every need!  It can't be bad.  And today he had a lot of exercise when playing with Angel - though she leaves him standing when she takes off on one of her mad dashes.  There's no possibility of him keeping up with Angel and he doesn't even really try now.
This rambling is not getting anything sorted ... and the Christmas Tree can't go up until there's some kind of order in the front room.  Maybe Saturday morning will begin with a big clean up there.  

Kindle, O Lord, in our hearts, we pray,
the flame of that love which never ceases,
that it may burn in us and give light to others.
May we shine for ever in your temple,
set on fire with that eternal light of yours
which puts to flight the darkness of this world;
in the name of Jesus Christ your Son our Lord.

The Promise of His Glory
Saint Columba

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