Tuesday, 16 November 2010

320 More glass

 There's something special about items made from glass and this piece has all the qualities that you'd expect from expert craft workers in Italy.  Murano is an island off Venice and has a number of long established glass works.  By the tenth century it was already well known for glass production.
 This piece is an interesting shape which makes it a bit tricky to photograph.
This third picture is more like the natural colours as it was taken in daylight in the garden although it has picked up a bit of the blue from my top which conceals the yellow hints along one side.  In every light and against different backgrounds it changes in appearance. 

Lord of the boundless curves of space
and time's deep mystery,
to your creative might we trace
all nature's energy.

Your mind conceived the galaxy,
each atom's secret planned,
and every age in history
your purpose, Lord, has spanned.

Church Hymnal number 31
Albert Frederick Bayly (1901-84)

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