Monday, 25 October 2010

2010:365:298 Really Monday.

 Another sharp frost last night ... and some interesting pictures as a result!  By the sound of the forecast it shouldn't be like this for the next few days so I'm glad that I managed a few photographs today.
 The grass looked as if it had snowed - but it was too cold to stay out for long.
The neighbour's acer is vibrant in its autumn red but the roses (Queen Elizabeth) in my own garden caught my attention when I was putting out seed for the birds.  There are still many buds to open and we're almost in November!  There could still be quite a show if we have some milder weather over the next few days.
At lunch time I treated myself to a slice of cake from The Coffee Club!  I'd not seen the Victoria Sandwich there before and this was a magnificent one!
TWO layers of jam and cream!  Wow!  Although I'd bought it as a carry out to eat from a container it looked too good to be treated that way so I brought it home and took this picture before enjoying every crumb.  Poor Eliot.  I'm afraid that he didn't get any of it at all - though there was compensation in the form of a piece of tripe for him!
 Just to finish, a couple of photographs that were taken some weeks ago in The Coffee Club.... sinks really should be put at a better height!
It's hard to beat a good cup of coffee!  Maybe just make one now before heading off to bed!

Speak, Lord, in the stillness,
speak your word to me;
help me now to listen in expectancy.

Fill me with the knowledge
of your glorious will;
all your own good pleasure
in my life fulfil.

Church Hymnal number 624 (verses 1 & 5)
E.M. Crawford (1868-1927)

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