Thursday, 21 October 2010

2010:365:294 Happy dog!

 What better thing to do on a day off?  A run in the park.  Now, I probably don't need to add that Eliot did the running while I meandered around, chatted to other dog owners and took, on average, one photograph each minute!
The Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park is very close to us and, once you get beyond the rose gardens, there are acres and acres of open parkland and little stands of trees.  It is a good place to be and, if you're a dog, it must be close to heavenly!
This picture was done on the zoom - if Eliot had known that the camera was pointing in his direction he'd have been up and away before you could say "cheese".  Just for the record, he loves cheese!
The autumn colours were beautiful even though the sun wasn't actually shining.  I suppose it was there somewhere beyond the clouds but the leaves didn't have the sparkle that they might have in direct sunlight. 
At every turn there are magnificent colours and interesting trees.  This is such a great area to clear your mind.  
This was my favourite shot as Eliot lead the way deep into the woods.  He trots on with great confidence until he loses sight of me and then comes dashing back to make sure that I'm following.  It is the 365Project picture for today and, for good measure, I've sent it off to the BBC as well!  They used one of my photographs at lunch time but it was the Dundrum one from three or four weeks ago and has been shown before.
Autumn colours and textures are wonderful and these horse chestnuts abounded under on of the trees. Such interesting shapes; none suitable for conkers.
Now, for the remainder of today I'll do a bit of housework, a little reading, some television and maybe even a wee doze!  

Jesus is Lord!  Creation's voice proclaims it,
for by his power each tree and flower was planned and made.
Jesus is Lord!  The universe declares it - 
sun, moon and stars in heaven cry: "Jesus is Lord."

Church Hymnal number 96
David Mansell (b. 1936)


Penelopepiscopal said...

Lovely photos! I have a question, though. What's a conker?

Rev Elizabeth said...

Conkers are the seeds of horse chestnut which are threaded onto string and used in a game where you try to smash each other's conker! Maybe google it....for pictures. For example:

Penelopepiscopal said...

Aha! Thanks!