Tuesday, 19 October 2010

2010:365:292 I thought that today would be better ....

Over the last couple of days there was little time to add to the blog, so I thought that today might be different.  There was an opportunity to play with a particularly pretty Turkish candle holder that I was given almost six months ago.  It casts a beautiful glow on the wall in the darkness and reminds me of a very special evening in Kaş
That picture of the candle glow, one of a dozen, was taken around seven o'clock so there was going to be lots of time to upload photographs and make many comments.
Earlier I'd been looking at kitchen stuff again and found a tiny grater in the drawer.  It isn't much bigger than Tigger who stands just over one inch tall.
The thought that Tigger might consider grating some cheese with it amused me and a story started to form .... with Tigger being lost in a red desert and coming across this huge block of "Farmy Cheddar". Time is no longer on my side so the story will have to wait.
Around the same time Tigger found the great big grater as well and just as he was exploring the surface a flash went off and for a few seconds he was blinded by the glare.  
So all I ended up with is a complete jumble of a lesser grater and a great grater with Tigger and a block of cheese!  It's not exactly a Walt Disney classic .... but you never know .... one day the new globe trotting solitary Tigger just might become famous.  Remember you saw his story here first!
Seriously though - if you've not tasted "Seriously Strong" Cheddar ... you've missed out on a great flavour (in my opinion).  These things are rather subjective I suppose.  After all, Jack Spratt didn't care for the fat that his wife relished .... and they made the perfect couple!  I guess he'd have said that lean meat was the only kind that anyone should eat.
But now, "the big hand" is moving quickly towards "the little hand" and when both are on twelve I'll have missed today's deadline ...   Maybe tomorrow I'll be more serious .... I can but try!

Take this moment, sign and space;
take my friends around;
here among us make the place
where your love is found.

Take the time to call my name,
take the time to mend
who I am and what I've been,
all I've failed to tend.

Take the tiredness of my days,
take my past regret;
letting your forgiveness touch
all I can't forget.

Take the little child in me,
scared of growing old;
help me here to find my worth
made in Christ's own mould.

Take my talents, take my skills,
take what's yet to be;
let my life be yours, and yet
let it still be me.

Church Hymnal number 598
John L Bell (b. 1949) and Graham Maule (b. 1958)


Loey said...

Very clever Elizabeth!
I really enjoyed that :)
Your photos are always so clear.
Loved the hymn.

Rev Elizabeth said...

Hi - great to hear from you again.... yes, blogger did that to me for a while too but got itself sorted out!
Having Frank here was fun but ten days was long enough.