Tuesday, 5 October 2010

2010:365:278 Friendly Frank

Computer is working v-e-r-y slowly tonight .... and at the end of a very long and busy day that is not funny!
There wasn't any time to take pictures so, just a few minutes ago, after the Book Club group left, I snapped a couple of quick pictures of Frank on top of the piano. This carving is called "Circle of Friends" and, although it is South American, it always reminds me of Maeve Binchy!
Frank just got to poke his nose in a little way in case it melted!
He hasn't met many today but hopefully tomorrow he'll be a little more active.... then another couple of days and he'll be off to the next destination.
Anyhow... it is bedtime and apparently the disc space is insufficient on this computer now.... will have to sort that out sometime!  I've already removed all my photographs... what is the next thing that will have to go?  Don't worry - they're on an external hard drive....
Night, night world.... catch up tomorrow when I'm not so sleepy and when the computer is hopefully going to work a little more efficiently!

Light of the world, in grace and beauty,
mirror of God's eternal face,
transparent flame of love's free duty,
you bring salvation to our race.
Now, as we see the lights of evening,
we raise our voice in hymns of praise;
worthy are you of endless blessing,
sun of our night, lamp of our days.

Celebrating Common Worship
Tuesday Evening. 

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Judith said...

I am so pleased that you and Frank are having such a good time together. Judith :)