Monday, 4 October 2010

2010:365:277 Frank on Monday

Lunch was very welcome after all the sorting out of harvest produce and before going hither and thither to distribute it.  Open Church today had five visitors.  A beautifully sunny day and even without the lights on the church looked fantastic.
Frank had a bit of a look around and at one point was caught part way up the Portland Stone columns! Then he wanted to blow out the candle in the side chapel and played among the flowers and on top of the piano!  An action packed hour in Saint Nicholas'.  Tigger joined him on the piano but couldn't be bothered to pose in the other locations!
On the way back from one of the nursing homes we stopped off at the wholesalers to buy some stuff for the tuck shop.
This was a bad idea!
Everywhere there were photo opportunities and with all the Christmas goods on display we were quite restrained!  It was tempting to allow Frank to ride on every trike and pose in each doll's house....!
However, we were under a little bit of time pressure to be back for the Youth Club.  It is called "Fusion" and is for teenagers.  Fusion has all the usual games like table tennis, football and lots of computer stuff - though there are strict rules that don't allow any "shooting type" games - nothing violent or adult.... tonight they were playing football on the screen and at one point were watching Veggie Tales!!  It is fun to see lads in their mid teens re-live the scenes of childhood in those amazing stories!
It has been a long day with very little space - and now it is bedtime!  I'm expecting the next couple of days to be just as frantic!

Spirit of God,
bring us into all truth,
deliver us from all evil,
reach down and touch us,
guide us to the Father,
through Jesus, our risen Lord.  Amen. 

Celebrating Common Prayer
Monday evening. 

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