Monday, 20 September 2010

2010:365:263 Lines ....

The 365Project theme is "lines" for this week - and they're everywhere!!  The challenge is to find something a little unusual, a bit creative.
The livery in The Enterprise certainly has lines!
On my journey today there was ample opportunity to take pictures in an almost deserted carriage.  
Then the wee office ('Boardroom 3' officially) had lines on the windows from the vertical blinds!!
What a stuffy little cupboard of a room!
However, the best lines (in my opinion) for today's shot came from Dundalk station.
This poster caught my eye as we pulled in.  The caption is clever: "Deadline", but the sentence that follows it leaves a lot to be desired in advertising terms.  "Never mess around near train tracks.  Think safe, stay safe."  Hardly one to grab your attention even if it is repeated on a whole row of posters.
It also bugged me a bit that the colour in the poster is orange while the actual lines on the platform are yellow!
"Keep behind this line" is clear enough - and I'm assuming that this other statement says more or less the same thing.
All of the platform pictures were taken in rather a hurry as The Enterprise doesn't stay for long in the station.  Weather-wise it was a good day even if all I experienced of it was from the windows of the train or the boardroom.  

Eye of God look upon me
see me in your grace.
Hand of God grasp me
keep me in my place.
Heart of God love me
help me to survive.
Powers of God surround me
as with life I strive.

Tides and Seasons
David Adam


Loey said...

Good photos for your theme - nice train too

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t's such a important site. fabulous, very intriguing!!!