Tuesday, 10 August 2010

2010:365:222 Holidays are ...

... for play!

Today’s “play” was with the camera and a little Goebel figure from what was West Germany.
If my memory is right then the robin was bought in 1973 out of my first wage as a teacher.  Normally it sits on the mantelpiece between the candles and the brass items – strangely out of place in that collection yet the centre of attention because it is such a contrast.  I’m amazed that it has survived so long without chip or crack and the only attention it receives is an annual bath in mild soapy water!
Nothing elaborate for the photo shoot … the robin was put on the kitchen worktop on a damask place mat. 
That was the first part of today’s play! 
Second part was “messing around” with colour and contrast on the computer! 
And the third part will be to get out in the sunshine with the dog! 
Yesterday we came home via the Twenty One Acre Wood and, although I was too tired to walk far, it was good to be under blue sky and lying on the (wet) grass. 
If you look very, very carefully in the left foreground of this next picture you can see my friend Eva emerge from the lower woods and the black and white head of Eliot bobbing along ahead of her.
He enjoys the run and came back to the car ready for a long cool drink. 
Play is good – for all of us!

Lord, open our hearts to your love, and make your home within us.
As you took upon you our nature, grant that we may ever rejoice in your presence, King of kings and Lord of lords.
The Father, who has shown his love for us, be with us.
The Son, who has come to be among us, be with us.
The Spirit, who fills the whole world, be with us.
The Holy Trinity be within and without us, now and evermore.

The Rhythm of Life (Celtic Daily Prayer)
David Adam. 


Keneva157 said...

I like it!

Loey said...

Very nice
Eliot is having a ball too :D