Friday, 30 July 2010

2010:365:211 Two good weeks

Two weeks have flown past and now the last pair of feet have gone home.  Holiday Bible Club is over for 2010.
The Oscars have been awarded and the crafts are all safely away with their owners.

The theme for the clubs was "Bible Oscars" and awards were given for best costume (Joseph), best visual effect (Moses), best script (Bible) and best director (God)!
Each evening's theme was supported by games and craft activities.
Key rings, pencil cases, book marks and candles all found their way into the programme.

You'll hardly have to be told who made the turtle candle!  Sadly it was left on the dashboard of my car in the sunshine and he's now rather melted into a pool of wax - looks as if he's swimming half under water.
Perhaps one of the most popular of the activities was this week with the juniors - they made and decorated gingerbread men!  Most of them arrived home intact but at least one of them was a few fingers and toes short of a complete character.
Some spares were made but a few of them look as if they've rather overdone the suntanning.

Even the adults were sometimes spotted playing with the toys!
The young people had some free play time at the beginning of each evening and everything from the climbing frame to Lego was enjoyed.

Then groups were formed for the organised activities and the teaching could begin.
Both the teenagers in the first week and the three to ten year olds in the second week seem to have had a good time.  Now the equipment is packed away, certificates issued and memories stored.  It is such a privilege to have a part in the teaching of these young folk.
If a blog is, at least in part, a record of my life - then this past fortnight has certainly been "life"!

Almighty God,
bless the homes of these children,
and give such grace and wisdom to all who have the care of them,
that by their word and good example
they may teach them to know and love you;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer
from the Service of Holy Baptism.

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