Saturday, 24 July 2010

2010:365:205 Third Annual Worldwide Photo Walk (Belfast)

All over the world today, 24th June, photographers are out in force participating in the Third Annual Worldwide Photowalk.  It is estimated that over 31,000 people will join this event in 1,100 cities around the world. 
With the City Hall behind us we set off along Royal Avenue on what was a rather dull morning.  I'd have liked just a bit more brightness for the pictures .... but at least it wasn't raining.
It was clear that we were a bunch of photographers and folk around noticed us including my sister and her husband!
That was a fun encounter and there was time to admire the new shoes!  I'd been taking pictures of the statue that you can see in the background here.
Wouldn't it be fun to discover who they represent and why they're on that particular building?  How many tourists look up high enough even to notice them?
When you're out with a camera and a bunch of guys all taking pictures you do tend to notice all kinds of things ... signs .... 
... and exhortations all over the place.  The "B" is Belfast's logo and you'll find it everywhere!  This particular one is beside the construction of a new pedestrian area in Royal Avenue where the work has been going on for months and months.
Someday when the work is completed there will be an attractive precinct here on one of the main centre shopping areas ... someday!
Begonias are in full bloom now.
The flower beds at the Cathedral are packed with colour and we had a happy few minutes looking for unusual angles and interesting features before moving along to some of the alleyways in the Cathedral Quarter.
I need to go back here.  The wall paintings are amazing.  It appears that the gentleman in the top left window is CS Lewis.  There's a "Lion Bar" on the table and a witch and a wardrobe in the background.  I want a better picture of that.
Windows give great reflections and quite a number of this kind of picture were taken.
The observant will even see me in this shot will the alleyway that we've just come from stretching away behind me.  
Even a broken window can provide a photo opportunity!  
Further along one of the security cameras has taken a bit of abuse - that won't be recording much in the near future!  Poor camera. 
These chess sets are in a shop window near to the Cathedral - a comment on Belfast's history - but not a set that I've any great desire to own.
Busking is common around the streets.  A five part brass ensemble played some lively tunes and were probably delighted to see us as we all threw some coins in their container when we took their picture.  I think they enjoyed the attention as well.  They were rather good - my guess is that none of their parents will let them practice at home!
The accordion player was even more pleased to see us.  His location was very quiet and we probably quadrupled his earnings up to that point!  
Year after year this pub wins the Belfast in Bloom award for its amazing displays of geraniums.  The façade is a photographer's dream.  There are so many quirky statues, plaques and interesting features - again - I need to go back on a sunny day.
The walk was two hours long and covered such an interesting part of Belfast - the photographic opportunities were numerous; so numerous that I'll have to sort through three hundred pictures to find the ones to upload to the Worldwide site.  That's a job for another day - maybe when I'm on holiday!
The walk leader, seen here in the white tee shirt, will select one from the Belfast walk to be sent through to the global competition where the best overall from today will be chosen!  
I wonder how many of the walkers realized that there were three Belfast clerics on the walk today?!!  Is that a record?
I'll end this short review with one of the happy snaps!  These two were more than pleased to be asked if we might take their picture - somehow - the Hawaiian shirts on a dull Belfast morning were just the right choice to cheer up everyone.  It was a great morning in the company of other photographers!

I will exalt you, O God my King,
and bless your name for ever and ever.
Every day will I bless you
and praise your name for ever and ever.
Great is the Lord and highly to be praised;
his greatness is beyond all searching out.
One generation shall praise your works to another
and declare your mighty acts.

Book of Common Prayer
Psalm 145 verses 1-4


Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures! It was lovely to see one of my favourite poems - I am so grateful to the English teacher who made us learn poems by heart ( including the punctuation!!). I can still recite them to this day - more than 45 years later.

Elizabeth said...

Learning poetry and chunks of Shakespeare was part of our way of life too - some of the stuff has stuck for more than 45 years! Was a grand morning for walking around Belfast.

Louise said...

Did you have to commit to the Photowalk in advance and in writing? I was certainly on a quest for photos throughout our town & outlying area today, covering a local event. I'll have to Google this and see if I was taking part, though I didn't know it at the time!

Elizabeth said...

Anonymous said...

What a set of beautiful and interesting photos - glad you had such a good day.