Friday, 23 July 2010

2010:365:204 Adjusted.

This was the photograph as it came out of the camera (SOOC).  Normally when I see a bumblebee crawling up the curtains it would have been gathered up in a container and shown the outside world.  The 365Project is now so much part of my mentality that I went for the camera instead of a glass!
He (or she) wouldn't sit still.  So the quality of the pictures isn't great.  Even with the macro function it was still a bit far away.
A bit of cropping and some lightening made it at least presentable and it fits easily the category of "Look but don't touch".  
Using the LED torch wasn't a great help in getting the light behind it.
So that's today's picture for the project.  Not the one I'd planned but that really doesn't matter.
For now - nothing more to the blog as the evening Holiday Bible Club fast approaches!  A prayer from the baptism service - did two baptisms this afternoon.

Almighty God,
bless the home of these children,
and give such grace and wisdom to all who have the care of them,
that by their word and good example
they may teach them to know and love you;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer.
Holy Baptism. 

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Louise said...

From what you said, I'd have thought you'd have had to crop a lot got a nice closeup!