Wednesday, 2 June 2010

2010:365:153 Deadlines

What is it about deadlines....  For most of them we know that they are on the horizon.... but some of us just leave things to the last possible minute!
For the first time since this 365Project started I almost forgot to post a picture!  Various photographs were taken this evening.... the dog of course featuring as the star performer.  He was in a bouncy mood and sometimes it was hard enough to get one that wasn't blurred.  For example: 
Just as I tried to take this one Eliot saw someone passing on the road and needed to go off to find out what was happening.  
The other problem today was the intense bright sunshine.  It made for beautiful blue sky and strong shadows... but on a black and white dog it was hard to get the lighting just right and I didn't like what happened when I started playing around with contrast.
Anyhow... that's enough for today.... I just about got in with the photograph and blog before midnight! Will try harder!

Today I enjoy
the Trinity round me,
above and beneath,
before and behind;
the Maker, the Son,
the Spirit together - 
they called me to life
and call me their friend.

Church Hymnal number 61
"Today I awake..." by John L Bell and Graham Maule

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pix-2010 said...

Keep up the good work, Elizabeth, there aren't many of us left.