Thursday, 13 May 2010

2010:365:133 Day Off

You've heard of the golden calf.... this is the Ulster Bank's charity fund-raising cow.  Pay £1 and guess the value of the coins.... Novel idea.  Can't remember what the prize is!
With rain forecast for this afternoon it seemed like a good idea to go to "The Show" first thing in the morning.  That hour or so before the crowds began to pour in was good.  Few pushchairs and you could stop at the various displays without holding up a long queue of people.  

The show-grounds are kept clean and tidy by an army of men in yellow jackets.  They hunt in packs but it does seem to work.
The various show animals are presented in perfect condition having been brushed and polished ready for the judging.  
Some of the owners sleep overnight in a pen next to their animals.  The reward is a coveted rosette and the honour of having been placed at the Balmoral Show.  
A good part of the morning passed while watching the judging of sheep and the kids.  They are gorgeous creatures really although I don't think I'll become a "proper vegetarian" just yet!  Roast lamb is just too tasty!
Eventually, dragging myself away from the sheep (via a very enjoyable coffee stop with a parishioner) I ended up in the grand stand to watch the horses for a while. 
This crepe was apple and cinnamon.  Delicious.
This was fun to watch.  So was the horse jumping but none of the photographs turned out very well.  A spot of rain on the camera lens rather ruined those that were even half presentable.  An earlier picture in one of the judging areas was taken before the rain did the temporary damage.
Isn't that foal just adorable.  There is such variety in the show.... and I never managed to be around when the dogs were on show!  Maybe the problem was that I spent too long among the cattle.
This pair seemed to be having a good conversation and were totally oblivious to the crowds thronging around them.  
Once again, a good day off and time to rest, meet friends and enjoy just being around.

Christ be beside me,
Christ be before me,
Christ be behind me,
King of my heart.
Christ be within me,
Christ be below me,
Christ be above me,
never to part.

Church Hymnal number 611
James Quinn - adapted from Saint Patrick.


Loey said...

Great shots of the show.
That horse and carriage photo - the carriage is very regal looking - from the old days I am guessing.

Rev Elizabeth said...

There's quite a following for the hackneys and other horse drawn vehicles.... some are very old and it does look very regal!