Wednesday, 12 May 2010

2010:365:132 Obey or Ignore....

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

It is Balmoral Show time!  The Royal Ulster Agricultural Society has a big window to the world for three days - country comes to town - and thousands of people flock to the King's Hall.  Organisation is very slick and huge car parks are established, albeit at some considerable distance from the venue.  The Park where I live is adjacent to the show and it is wide a leafy with broad footpaths and elegant housing.
Double yellow lines on "my side" of the road indicate NO PARKING, and that's in force all year round.  Just in case some visitor doesn't understand the message the police have added an attractive row of NO PARKING cones as well.
At some point today a car parked on the footpath... and then another... and then DOZENS!!  Now, all of them have fixed penalty parking fines!  It was an expensive day at the show for those families.... they'd have been better to do the mile walk, or get the provided transport.  Convenient to the gate, and the featured car above was parked right beside the gate, isn't the only criteria when you're looking for a parking place.
There's a real buzz around the show-grounds and exhibition halls.
The worst part of going round the King's Hall is the number of push chairs, especially those designed for twins.  One mother was pushing her wee lad in and out tripping up a number of unwary walkers.  Another young mum drove her child as if it were a fiery chariot.... she got some "looks" from folk into whose shins she pushed the mean machine!
Away from the crowds this prize winning beauty eyed those of us who crept close with a degree of suspicion.  I'd  not like to get too near to her horns.

These little beauties took a mild interest in the camera pointed in their direction.  I guess they're accustomed to the attention and maybe expected some little treat - they were disappointed!  The owners sleep in the pen next to their animals and I'd not want to be caught giving some "illegal" sugar cube to animals that are carefully nurtured to this point of the year.
If you're not into the animals then there are enough machines, tractors and "boys' toys" to satisfy the appetite of the most greedy.  I quite fancy a blue tractor.... used to be that they came only in grey... but the gateway to the rectory would need to be widened considerably if that little beauty was to come home with me.   
Mixed up with all the animals and machinery is an array of good food (and not such good food) to satisfy your hunger and your greed.  Children eating candy floss and drippy ice creams really shouldn't be taken into crowds!  Next to the push chairs they are a disaster not waiting to happen.
No doubt I'll go back in either later this evening, or tomorrow, to see the dogs, the horses, the chickens..... so much that you can't do in just one visit!

The sun, that bids us rest, is waking
thy people 'neath the western sky,
and hour by hour fresh lips are making
thy wondrous doings heard on high.

Church Hymnal number 73
The day thou gavest Lord is ended... by John Ellerton

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Loey said...

Thanks Elizabeth!
I really enjoyed your visit to the Royal Ulster Agricultural Show.
Nice photos.
Those people caught parking must have been blind not to see the road line markings & the cones as you say.
But then, if one person parks there, the others follow like sheep, thinking it's all ok.
I've seen it happen before too :D