Monday, 3 May 2010

2010:365:123 Resting.

Recep Topal is an expert on carpets and it was fascinating to listen to him describe the different techniques and areas in Turkey from which the different designs come.  We sat in the cool shade of his huge shop drinking apple tea and enjoying conversation which ranged from belief in God and living an honest life to the different dyes used in the hills around Ararat!  
His obvious delight in showing the rugs was matched by our enthusiastic response and interest - even though it was clear that no purchase was going to happen today.  He's a good friend of my hosts and deals fairly with his customers so has a reputation to keep.  
As we climbed back up out of the shop this is the range of rugs that had been brought for our interest.... so many colours and designs, so many textures and materials.... Quite magnificent.
All day has been a feast for my eyes....

The bright red flower sits on the balcony and lights up in the morning sun. And sun it is.... every day!  Even to have that is good for one's soul or body - or both!  

The white daisy-like flower is possibly a weed and grows with great vigour all over the rough ground.  It is so pretty and brightens up areas that might otherwise look rather drab.

The morning glory positively glows in the sunlight and there are some long hedgerows that are simply covered with it.  The plant clambers up the trees and telegraph poles and sometimes looks as if it might smother the smaller specimens.  I did wonder if anyone ever takes control over it or is it simply left to its own devices?

Looking back up towards the apartment the morning glory makes a colourful foreground.  My friends live just up the hill a little bit behind the Mosque.

On a day like today the views from it are quite stunning.  Cloudless blue sky all day and the temperatures in the middle of the day were most pleasant - bordering on the "too warm" side.... though I'm not complaining.  

It was good to sit at Lola's and have a light lunch with an ice cold beer under the shade of their bougainvillea.  

I had a little while there waiting for Ken and Eva and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the sounds of Kas and watching all that was going on around me.

Three or four sleepy dogs moved from shade to shade, one of them even making a brief three yard dash to warn a scrawny cat that the territory was already claimed.  A few older men and women walked slowly across the wide open space in front of the harbour and an occasional scooter phut phutted past.  One of them even delivered a sack of potatoes to a restaurant.
Mainly it was quiet.... the early afternoon siesta time when most folk go to the shade for a doze or a quiet read at the newspaper.  A couple at the next table played backgammon, others chatted in subdued tones.  It was a perfect picture of Mediterranean beauty.  
From high on the cliffs behind the apartments hang-gliders made their way through the thermals to the harbour area.  A quiet, slow descent - and one that I have no desire whatsoever to try!  It looks good - and I'm happy to leave it that way.  
 They did seem to be accurate in their landing area - but I'm still not about to throw myself off a cliff for anyone!
It has been a day for many beautiful things: carpets, flowers, boats, food...  the list does go on and on.... and the photographs go on and on as well.... 

Kas is a wonderful place, the people are warm-hearted and friendly, there is history at every turn....

What more could one ask from a holiday?

This last photograph (for today) is of the fourth century BC sarcophagus known as "The King's Tomb" - Kral Mezan.  One of the unusual features of it is that it was carved from a single block of stone!  This is one of many such tombs all over the town.
Tomorrow we head for Greece!  It is an island not far off the coast at Kas - but the Greece/Turkey border lies between.  Passports are required and I'm told to expect a very different kind of place even though it is so close.

Lord of all life and power,
who through the mighty resurrection of your Son
overcame the old order of sin and death
to make all things new in him:
Grant that we, being dead to sin
and alive to you in Jesus Christ,
may reign with him in glory;
to whom with you and the Holy Spirit
be praise and honour, glory and might,
now and for all eternity.  Amen.

Book of Common Prayer
Collect of the Fifth Sunday of Easter

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Loey said...

Hello Elizabth!
What a wonderful narration you have put with your photos.
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through it & enjoying it all over again.
Thank you.