Friday, 9 April 2010

2010:365:99 Miscellaneous

It was useful to have something on which to focus this evening.  The number challenge on the 365Project got me looking around with "nine" in mind.... "What in the world" was more difficult so that was abandoned.  
I have always enjoyed the Dick Francis novels and many years ago received this boxed set of NINE as a gift!  What a gift for today's photograph!  They've all been read a number of times - they're the kind of books that don't take too much concentration but the story is gripping enough for the reader to be absorbed for a couple of hours.  It might be a good idea to select one of them for a bit of reading today.
Because our parish is stunned by the sudden death of the Rector's Glebewarden.  People are in shock and we'll need to allow each other time to adjust.  
A great deal of time today has been spent on one or other of the telephones - and on one occasion - on both of them simultaneously!  The batteries in both are recording a very low reading tonight.
Having reliable telephone networks makes things a lot more straightforward when you need to contact a  number of folk in a short time.  Today I did appreciate the ease with which all the calls were made and now we enter the days of waiting.
The funeral is on Monday so there are a few days now for the news to begin to sink in and the rest of the preparations to be made.
There won't be much time, or inclination, to use these other two keypads in these days.  They, picking up the same NINE theme, are from the TV.  
Again we are so blessed to live in a country where there is a great deal of choice in what we watch, the facility to record and watch at more convenient times and the freedom to choose without censorship.  At present I don't feel like looking at much TV (grief does that, I think) but it will be there for another day.  I'm also very thankful for my lovely TV set that some friends gave me a while ago.  It is big, has a clear picture and reminds me of them as well!
Meanwhile, here's a photograph of part of the keyboard that I'm using to write this blog....and will be using for sermon preparation and everything else that is done on the computer.
The first shot I took of the keyboard was so covered in dog hair and general dust that I had to discard it and, having dusted the keys, take a second picture!  The macro lens is a bit like spring sunshine that shows up imperfections normally overlooked.
I guess there's a sermon in that...but not right now.  

In peace and unity
may your people offer the unfailing sacrifice of praise,
and make your glory known;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

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