Saturday, 10 April 2010

2010:365:100 Saturday!

This is it!  The tenth picture in the number series....and I rather liked the 'floating' effect that happened by accident.  I'd put the coin on top of a pile of smaller coins and that's what the end result was.  Making 10p interesting isn't all that easy.  There were a number of earlier attempts - about forty of them to be precise!
Coin on mirror....not great.
Although the flowering currant does look good....maybe a bit more time and something or someone to hold the mirror....having it in one hand and taking a picture with the other wasn't all that easy.
Lay-Zee was used too....and some photo trickery gives this mysterious figure holding the coin.  
The difficulty was getting the coin in focus - it might have helped if I'd stuck the 10p to Lay-Zee's hand.  As it was I had to rely on balance.  
How big is a ten pence coin?
That's about all that you could usefully say about the fourth smallest coin in the UK.  For more information you could always Google the Royal Mint and there you'll find all you need to know - and then some more!
Today has been a bit on the busy side so this is a break between activities.  It was good to have coffee with a friend this morning - otherwise I think the day might have ended up being an endless rush from one thing to another.
I had a wee while in church too and put some fresh daffodils on the reredos.  It is always refreshing to sit for a while in the silence of such a beautiful place and does much to restore your soul.  
I had to get paper for orders of service so lunch was enjoyed at Makro - Chicken Tikka and Chips....could have had rice but it looked very white and very dry....
There was more than could be finished but it was very tasty and hot both in spices and in temperature.
Finally, you probably won't want to hear that the mice are active again.  It isn't clear how many but they are certainly of the high IQ variety.  My good, new, coat was hanging over the back of a chair in the breakfast room.  Some dog treats were zipped into the pocket.  But through the night these were taken and the mice didn't open the zip to get them.
Now there's a repair job to be done.  What a nuisance; and why won't the mice just go into the traps?  Tonight I'll bait them with dog treats and see what happens!
So, that's life on a Saturday.  Now...need to get the Sunday notice sheet done, order of service for funeral and various other bits and pieces.....

May we live by faith,
walk in hope and be renewed in love,
until the world reflects your glory
and you are all in all.
Even so, come Lord Jesus.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer.
Saturday Prayers.

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