Wednesday, 7 April 2010

2010:365:97 There were seven blue bottles.....

These last seven bottles were just asking to be today's photograph for 365Project.  It was fun to play with different arrangements so that it would be suitable for "What in the world" as well.
The first picture of the set wouldn't have been much of a challenge!
And while this may have caused a few to scratch their heads it wouldn't have qualified for the "seven" challenge!  I love the way the company name is moulded into the glass.  
And with the morning light behind it there were some lovely shades and reflections....too many to post here (or anywhere). 
Playing around with the spring water got my mind reflecting on Jesus, the water of life.  The one who offers to satisfy all our deepest thirsts.  The narrative in John's Gospel (chapter 4) is a particularly beautiful story where Jesus met the woman whom others despised and helped her to see fresh hope and a way forward from her difficult past.
Water is a major symbol in the Christian faith with baptism as the sacrament of initiation.  That carries with it all the history of God's people being freed from slavery through the waters of the Red Sea (Reed Sea) and the crossing of the River Jordan.  Then the symbolism of being buried with Christ, leaving behind the old life, the washing away of sin and rising to a new life with him.  A life that is meant to be lived in all fullness.  
Water, sustaining life, refreshing us when we're weary, essential to all living creatures.  And yet chemically such a simple substance.  
We're very fortunate in Ireland in the huge quantities that we have (sometimes we feel that we've rather a superabundance).  Always when I think of water my mind goes to my friends in Kenya who so frequently suffer drought.  At the moment there is sufficient there and the folk are busy storing grass for the dry season. 
 Isn't it funny how the camera can lie!  Just look at Lay-Zee as he tries to open the's all to do with perspective as this week's 365Project challenge is demonstrating.

Help us to share in Christ's ministry
of love and service to one another;
through the same Jesus Christ our Lord,
who in the unity of the Holy Spirit
is one with you for ever.  Amen.

Book of Common Prayer
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