Tuesday, 6 April 2010

2010:365:96 A splash of colour on a dismal day

Two 365Project constraints determined this photograph.  One is the number challenge - six - so six colours in this object!  The other is the "What in the world" theme - and with the picture cropped and no context available this fits that category too.  Now, the other job on hand is to create a blog from that!
I had assumed that my "six" picture would be a favourite set of Russian dolls.  They're old, purchased in an auction a long time ago and have a USSR sticker on the base.
The outside one is quite faded now and they are among the most simple designs that I've ever seen.  I suspect they were painted long before it became fashionable to have sets of these dolls produced for the export market.  

It was bright when these pictures were taken but now the day has turned very wet and gloomy.  The dolls add a splash of colour against the grey sky of this Easter Tuesday.
Colour is an important part of my life.  Scarcely ever will I wear black shirts - I have a wide range of coloured ones which I enjoy using for work.  (That would make an interesting photograph some day)
A brightly coloured scarf from Turkey is lying on the table beside me as I write and the napkin I used for breakfast was canary yellow.  Yes, there's bright colour everywhere and even looking through the rain I'm enjoying the garden daffodils.  
What a beautiful world it is....how many colours and shades we enjoy!  
Even my dog has a variety of multicoloured toys!  They're hard to resist in the pet shops and the opening photograph is a section of one of them.

The normally camera-shy dog was unaware that I was using him because I'd smothered one of his favourite toys in peanut butter!
Turning it this way and that Eliot was determined to capture every last bit of the tasty substance.  Being a black and white dog the colours look good against that background!

Give us deeper reverence for the truth,
and such wisdom in the use of knowledge
that your kingdom may be advanced
and your name glorified;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Book of Common Prayer
Tuesday Prayers 


berlois said...

I just love this post and how you've written it. Your right, colour is important in our lives. thanks to you I shall endeavour to wear more colour !!!!! :)

berlois said...

Just thought I'd let you know that berlois is the "sock lady" Lois from 365 :)

Rev Elizabeth said...

Hi....lovely to meet you here!