Tuesday, 20 April 2010

2010:365:110 Jug or Creamer?

The language that divides the US from the UK is a strange one!  Just today I learn that the object we call a "jug" is named "creamer" on the other side of the pond!  Ah well....at least we now both know what the other is talking about.  
To complicate matters further: in New Zealand and Australia the term "jug" refers to a two pint container (usually plastic) in which beer is served and from which it is consumed.  Odd language is English.  
Today is a dull and cold day in Belfast so taking a picture of the cranberry glass jug brightened up my lunch break.  Lay-Zee came along to add some other interest to the photograph.
Though the jug on its own is quite a striking feature.  It isn't very big, and certainly not as impressive as that worm's eye view makes it appear.
It is fun to play around with angles and colours.  Clear and uncluttered backgrounds seem to be the characteristic of my photographs at present.  A number of shots were deleted because they had a bit of the picture rail or a corner of some piece of furniture.  Minimalistic photography - is that a term one would use?  
"Keep the main thing as the main thing" is another way to say the same thing, I suppose.
That's not a bad motto for life.  Get your focus clear and sharp.  Don't become distracted by all the other things that you could do or in which you could be involved.  What's the main thing?
The main thing for today?  The main thing for this week?  The main focus for life?
The apostle Paul listed his main thing as: "For me to live is Christ....".  I'd go along with that!  
If Jesus is at the centre then all the other things will fit into place as well.

Almighty God,
who caused the light of the gospel
to shine throughout the world
through the preaching of your servant Saint Paul:
Grant that we who celebrate his wonderful conversion
may follow him in bearing witness to your truth;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer
Collect of the Conversion of Saint Paul


berlois said...

Oh Elizabeth, I just love your blog.
You have such a way with words.
We in Australia still call it a jug.
I use one, as I think it a bit uncouth to put the milk bottle on the table ha! ha! (now there's an old word - "uncouth" - my parents used it to describe people who had no table manners) :D
The men here in Australia also call women's breasts "jugs". ha! ha!
They'll say, "have a look at the jugs on that one".
Ha!ha!ha!ha! I am laughing out loud here - I have really confused you today.
All good fun!

Rev Elizabeth said...

I agree....we don't have milk bottles here now.... plastic cartons have taken over. I don't like them on the table either.
As for the other meaning....hmmmmm... I've heard of "ears" called jugs.... but Australian men.... enough said!!