Saturday, 13 March 2010

2010:365:72 T is for Turtles

Those who know me will not be surprised to find a TURTLE theme for "T".  Indeed, you could have put money on it.  Ever since in the 1980s I kept terrapin I have been fascinated by these little creatures. And my friends and family have fuelled the interest by adding to the collection from places as diverse and interesting as South Korea, Hawaii, Boston USA, Belfast NI, Spain, Italy, Australia .... and the list goes on and on.  The "egg" is the most recent acquisition and was carried all the way from America for me - I love it! 
From glass to stone, wood, plastic, silver, pottery and iron they appear in a huge range of materials and sizes.  Some of the biggest are stuffed toys and wooden furniture or cast iron stepping stones for the garden.  The smallest come as miniature carvings in wood, jade or marble or tiny cast silver items less than a centimetre long.  
Today's blog is simply a photo-shoot of a few that were to hand this morning and doesn't include the earrings, toys or pictures!  Maybe I'll do a series on the turtles some day as the textures, shapes and colours give such pleasure.

This busy picture was intended to be the introductory shot - ten turtles on a turtle tissue.... but it didn't please me as a composition so was relegated to an ordinary place!  The top left "brown" one is a plaster cast attached to a real shell....!  The almost black one in the bottom right is made from volcanic ash and came from a trip to Mount Vesuvius over twenty years ago.  

From South Korea - mother and baby were slipped through my letter box by a friend who'd just returned from there.

Inside this wooden carved turtle there is another smaller turtle.  Remarkable carving and an interesting feature.

The glass ones please me although the little jade one crept in without me noticing.  There are other glass turtles all over the house but I didn't go on a hunt for them

Two jade and the smallest wooden one - it is less than a centimetre long and beautifully carved.

A random shot of some that had been photographed and were just "hanging around" waiting to be placed somewhere....
There are four very large cast iron turtles on the carpet - they never did make it out to the garden where they should be.  They are sold as "stepping stones" but I like them so much they've lived in the house since the Christmas that they arrived.

You'd not read by the light of the turtle but he does give a lovely soft glow in the evenings.

Trying to capture the key picture I ended up taking quite a few with different backgrounds all sitting on top of the piano.  I like the simplicity of the one that was chosen but thought I'd include another of the process too.
Finally... the textures here are good.  A linen tray cloth and crystal turtle.  Maybe someday I'll play with the lighting and find a way to produce rainbows!  For now, however, that just a glimpse into the world of a turtle maniac!

Father of light,
in whom is no change or shadow of turning,
you give us every good and perfect gift
and have brought us to birth by your word of truth.
May we be a living sign of that kingdom,
where your whole creation will be made perfect
in Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer.
Post Communion Prayer of the Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity.

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