Saturday, 9 January 2010

2010:365 Day Nine. Blog Nine. Photographs 9++

What better way is there to relax in the middle of the day than to enjoy a coffee with your WeeSis? I can't think of one! It was good to explore another cafe - it may be called Arizona - but this is Belfast in the middle of winter!
Today, Saturday, had begun quite early as Eliot and I walked through the fresh snow to Saint Nicholas' where the organ builder was going to spend the morning taking apart the pipes.... What a job! During the building work there had been a totally unrelated problem with water dripping into the organ loft. Organs and water don't mix and we've a little repair job to do.
They are amazing instruments - so many bits and pieces - each in the designated place and the sound is magnificent. Allow a magnet to rust and suddenly there's no trumpet. Eliot kept an eye on the work and guarded the pipes as they were removed one by one. No doubt he'll be back to make sure everything is replaced where it ought to be!
It was, of course, the walk that appealed most to my canine friend. The journey, only a mile each way, is full of interesting smells and activities. One of the housing areas is a rather up-market park and big signs at the entrance make it clear that dogs are not welcome. Poor Eliot. You could imagine the thoughts that he had as we looked through the bars. A lot of snow, untouched by human or animal, just waiting for a mad dog to run in circles. No such luck! Just look and move on.
And so, back home! Eliot didn't join me on the next two trips out but he seemed happy enough to curl up beside a radiator. Perhaps not having thick boots his wee feet feel the cold? For the final trip I cleaned the snow off the car and drove with care on the slushy roads. No doubt the freeze tonight will make life a little difficult in the morning - but we'll take that as it comes. For now - heat on, doors closed and enjoy the evening.
God of peace,
you teach us that in returning to you we shall be saved:
By the power of your Spirit lift us to your presence,
where quietness and confidence shall be our strength;
and where we may be still and know that you are God;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Book of Common Prayer.


Anonymous said...

an eventful day for you and Eliot - now tuck up in the warmm and enjoy your evening too, Judyx

Rev Elizabeth said...

Hard to keep warm these days.