Friday, 8 January 2010

2010:365 Day Eight. Blog Eight. Photographs 8++

One of the inevitable topics of conversation these days is "The Weather". Today, with the sun shining brightly Eliot and I took a wee walk to the park. This photograph is from almost the same place as yesterday's but we had to move into the shade to take it. At least that awful grey mist and gloom has gone but the temperature hasn't risen above -4*C all day....and during last night it was much lower. It has dropped to -6*C already so tonight may be even colder.
I made an interesting discovery when putting on the walking boots. They'd been a bargain some time ago....and today I discovered why! They don't match! Same size, same general colour....but inside the linings are different and the labels are completely odd. Somewhere, someone else has a similar "matching pair" that aren't identical. Like in so many other see what you expect to see! It's one of the reasons that proof reading your own material is so challenging.
Even if the boots don't match we had a grand walk and Eliot got a good run in an almost deserted park. So, today's photographs join the 2010:365 collection - another day in the life of The Rev and a Dog.

Preserve us, O Lord, while waking, and guard us while sleeping,
that awake we may watch with Christ, and asleep we may rest in peace.

From the Office of Compline.


Anonymous said...

we're not as cold as you reaching -4 during the night and it's been -1 most of the day. Your dog may enjoy running around in the snow with you wearing odd boots :) but my two cats are quite comfortable under the raditor in the back bedroom!! lol

Anonymous said...

ps - will look for you on fb but found you on twitter and am now following you!! lol

Rev Elizabeth said...

You're mad! Look forward to getting to know you.

Anonymous said...

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