Tuesday, 6 October 2009

...things left undone...

This little blog is a quick reaction to an article in the current issue of the Church of Ireland Gazette. First day of term for the new Institute...and all is well. Refurbished buildings, students arriving from the Foundation Course and a good atmosphere (with a few glitches to be ironed out). The NSM students are continuing as well and under the new system they'll be able to mix with the new intake.

However, and there was obviously going to be an "however", no mention is made of those diligent souls now in their third year who have had the trauma of transition thrust upon them. They too have started a new term, a new year - and for them a most significant and stressful one. They too are part of the Institute - and will contribute much to the life of the community through their varied experiences of parish life already.

What happened? I hope this will be picked up and an article written about "The Invisibles"! Those of us not so long out of college remember well the final year pressures of exams, curacy interviews and many other struggles too personal to be aired in public. The last thing you want is to be "Invisible", to feel that no one notices that you exist, and to believe (falsely) that no one cares!

Don't take away from the exciting future of the Institute. Don't diminish the NSM programme. And don't forget about the final year students either!

And, if you can find opportunity, pray for each person at the Institute: the pastoral team of cleaners, caretakers, caterers and administrative staff, the principal, lecturers and visiting speakers, librarians and the students - ALL of them!!

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