Tuesday, 6 October 2009


In Saint Nicholas' the services are over and the harvest produce in the process of being distributed. For the "Four Churches" celebrations continue for another two weeks as we join with one another to remember God's faithfulness. There is challenge as well. We, who enjoy so much, have responsibilities to share with others and to work for justice throughout the world. How easy it is to become inward looking and concentrate on our needs. forgetting the community around us and people in other places too.
Somehow we need to allow the Holy Spirit to rekindle a spirit of mission within our fellowship. More than a token "support" which is sometimes only a financial gift. More than just a head knowledge of "our partners" in Kenya. Mission is a way of life not just for the church but for each life as well. Mission is being who we already are - disciples of the Lord Jesus - sent into the entire world with the Good News!

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