Monday, 7 September 2009


Holidays have come and gone. Life in the rectory and around the church has returned to normal. And the blog hasn't even been considered for weeks!
The Tall Ships are now a distant memory. That visit was one of the highlights of the time off. Getting locked out of my house on a very wet morning is an experience best forgotten! The summer days passed with a mixture of house decorating, reading, family, friends and all the usual "not very muchness" of simply being at peace. Having mostly wet weather made it a restful break and sitting in front of a roaring fire was a rather unusual way to spend most of August! On the last Sunday of the holidays I was given a magnificent icon of Saint Nicholas which had been written for me by a friend.
It was a good holiday - a huge mixture of little bits and pieces - but a refreshing rest. Not having access to the internet was no bad thing - even if the blog suffered! Now the work of the autumn season begins...and hopefully the blog will once again become part of the daily routine!

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