Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Last week was a feast of roses in Belfast - so much beauty captured in the perfection of colour, perfume and shape. But on the heels of all that glory I've been reading about the drought in Kajiado diocese (Kenya) and the great suffering of the Maasai. Even the Zebra are dying - and that's an indication of a most serious drought, as they can survive much longer than the cattle in harsh conditions.
Ronnie Briggs puts it this way:
It’s like having a nightmare in which you are standing in line at the ATM and as you wait your turn you realise that the person in front of you is using your card! You note that he has your bank balance on the screen and then he begins to enter your pin number and proceeds to take out all your money from your account. You try your best to stop him but somehow you can’t get through to him and before you know it your account is empty. The people here have no control over what is happening and are standing helplessly watching their livelihood disappear in front of them. Anyway, nobody wants to buy animals that are in such poor condition.

May God give us eyes to see and hearts to respond - please God!

Ronnie's entire post may be read if you look through the CMSIreland site...

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