Monday, 28 September 2009

Mobile Phones

Demanding little things, aren't they? Progressive ring tones insisting that the call is more and more urgent!

Don't be fooled. Mobile phones can be ignored. The message (if the caller leaves one) will be there later when the time to listen is more convenient.

"No one has ever before ignored a ringing phone when I'm talking to them" was the response when I reached, I thought quite unobtrusively, into my pocket to switch off the offending noise. Just then our conversation was seen as the most important. That response confirms my habit of allowing answering machines to do what they do best when I'm chatting to someone else.

How often have we been in shops or offices where, when a phone rings, the person dealing with us (often without apology) turns and lifts the receiver? The temptation is to walk away and take our custom or business somewhere else.

Let's not forget the messages we give in the little things... the unspoken actions... and let's not become so welded to the mobile phone that we cease to notice the person with whom we are already in conversation. Lost opportunities may never present themselves again.

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