Thursday, 24 September 2009


How good it is to meet people with whom you have lost touch! It has happened to me twice this year already! The reconnection with one came through Facebook and the recovery of friendship with the other is assisted by that same social network site.
Cercle Français de Belfast meets in the Parish Halls of Saint Nicholas most months and there was someone with whom I’d worked some time ago…it would be indiscreet to suggest just how many years might be involved! But what fun! Of course he knew all about Eliot and greeted him like an old friend – knowledge he’d gained through Facebook.
Having looked at the programme more carefully I’m wondering why I didn’t stay for the meeting: “Vin, fromage et musique” sounds like the recipe for a great evening! Ah well… maybe next time. The “mercredi14 octobre à 17.30 heures” meeting will be in English (a great help for someone with the equivalent of AS level French taken in the dim and very distant past) when the topic is “Who were the Huguenots and how did they get to Ireland?” (Entrance £3 for non-members)
If anyone wants the full programme you could contact the Parish Office at Saint Nicholas’ and one will be provided.
The second reconnection with a friend came when I attended a clergy study week in Durham and met, on arrival, someone with whom I’d been a fellow student in London – again – more years ago than I’d care to count! At that stage neither of us were Anglican and neither of us had any thoughts of becoming clergy. How things change! Both of us are now in ordained ministry and working in parish churches.
Indeed, as I look along the list of Facebook friends there are quite a number there with whom I’ve not had any regular contact for a while and with whom I now exchange the odd message. Still others are entirely new contacts, friends of friends, and meeting them for the first time has been a great pleasure. I’m looking forward to meeting others when the opportunity arises.
Facebook, on balance, is a good arena. Yes, one can waste a lot of time on it. Yes, there’s a great deal of nonsense around it. But, for keeping in contact with friends and family, and for renewing and deepening friendships, I’ve found it to be a valuable tool.
And as for blogs and the people who read them… do leave a message sometime…!!

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Chris Tracey said...

Hello Elizabeth (and Eliot). I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. Many people have told me that they think connecting via computer is sad. But its how you use the tool and add value that really counts.
It was a pleasure to refind you on FB - and it will be a pleasure to see you at any of our events. A bientot. C