Thursday, 10 September 2009

Love it or hate it....

On many issues in life, politics, religion and food there is no neutral position. You can’t sit on the fence for long.
This was a Scottish invention, although it may have been discovered by chance. In my opinion that was a happy accident – so you know on which side of the fence I’m standing!
A Dundee farmer’s house-keeper used damp wheat (which had sprouted to give malted wheat) when she was baking and the bread produced was the forerunner of Veda!
Whether or not that’s the origin, the recipe is still a closely guarded secret by Veda Bakeries (a company registered by law, based in East Lothian and owned by Jim Kerr of Forthestuary Cereals).
Veda is now a Northern Ireland phenomenon and rarely available elsewhere; not even in the rest of the United Kingdom or Ireland. It may be found on the menu in some of the top hotels just as it will be in the ordinary household and tucked into the lunch box. The bulk of the market belongs to Sunblest who have been baking Veda since 1956, although Allied Bakeries had already launched in 1930.
This tasty snack bread is versatile and may be enjoyed with butter and savoury toppings such as cheese and Marmite (more about that tomorrow), or some prefer it smothered in honey or Golden Syrup. Fresh Veda has a sticky texture which, when toasted, gives a mouth-watering contrast between the crisp exterior and the warm soft centre. It fills your kitchen with a sweet malty aroma.
Eliot loves it too and just last week managed to hide an entire loaf of Veda behind the sofa! Now, all this thinking about it has stirred up a desire for a breakfast slice which I’ll enjoy with some scrambled egg!
Bon appétit

Ufurahie chakula chako (Swahili)
Afiyet olsun! (Turkish)
Velbekomme! (Danish)
¡Buen provecho! ¡Buen apetito! (Spanish)


Life is a Hoot said...

Perhaps one day I will bring the family to visit and we can try Veda. :)

Rev Elizabeth said...

Oh that would be just wonderful. Let me know when and I'll have the guest rooms ready.