Friday, 11 September 2009

Do you take this on holiday?

Apparently 14% of British people do!
The little jars were earthenware in 1902 when it was first manufactured, then for many decades glass was used and since 2006 Unilever have produced plastic containers as well. The sticky substance in them is, of course, Marmite! Another “Love it or Hate it” food. And a food that is “Good for You” containing a high B-vitamin content plus riboflavin and niacin.
Savoury, salty and dark brown this delicacy comes to us as a by-product of the brewing industry and even vegetarians may enjoy the unique flavour. Put it on toast, use it with cheese or peanut butter in sandwiches, even dab it on tomatoes or stir it into gravy… Some have been known to enjoy it on bananas and I’ve even spread it on toasted Veda!
Why “Marmite” - the name comes from a French large covered earthenware pot which is shown in the illustration on the label.

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