Thursday, 4 June 2009

Slowly, slowly

Work in Saint Nicholas continues but not at the speed we'd like. The new pipes are installed so that people will be comfortably warm in their pews. But of course, we need a boiler for that to work and the asbestos engineers don't seem to have been on site yet. That means the old boiler is untouched and the brand spanking new one is nowhere to be seen.

At the front of the church workmen have been sorting out the foundation for the new floor. The spaces from which pews were removed will be tiled with a very high quality tile that matches perfectly the shades in the pillars and the light parts of the existing Victorian tiles. It is a more sandy/golden shade than the photograph indicates.

Just now the whole place looks like a bomb site and you begin to wonder if we'll be back in by the beginning of September...but there is nothing we can do to speed up the process. It will be an exercise in patience and in trying to keep those who are doing the work actually on site and at work. I think we'll put down a few tins of memories under the new floor so that any future generation will know something about us. The present workmen were looking for "Roman Coins" but, since Saint Nicholas' was built in 1901 there's not a lot of hope, especially as the Romans didn't come to Ireland (as far as we know)!

It will be while before the floor is closed over as there's no sign of the damp proofing on the pillars. A couple of test holes have been drilled to see how deep the erosion has gone...but nothing else. This wonderfully dry weather would seem to have been a good time to get on with work...
So that's the inside...heating, pillars, floor...

Meanwhile on the outside. There has been some serious damage to a number of stones and they have been removed. The building looks very odd with a line of square-ish holes all round it! Why was erosion consistently at that particular level? Did it perhaps have something to do with the design of the exterior that has a horizontal row of stone just below the damaged ones? Will ask someone.

When this process started I imagined that there would be daily begins to feel that once a month will be more than enough. Perhaps some day there will be a burst of energy and things will change...

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