Friday, 12 June 2009

Odds and ends

The Sunday Space year is about to end with prize giving and a special service on 14th at eleven o'clock. In 2008 we took the opportunity to begin an "Annual Parish Picnic" which follows the worship - so this year again we'll gather on the grass (or in the hall if it is wet) to enjoy fellowship together.

The Bouncy Assault Course will provide more than the recommended 60 minutes of exercise for our young people! Last year even some of the mums and dads had a go as well...and the rest of us looked on with envy (or relief). We suggest that you don't wear your best clothes!!

What we need is another one of these beautiful blue-sky days. We're almost beginning to expect the sun to be shining...two weeks with very little rain and most days sunny and bright. It makes people feel so much better and the buzz on the Lisburn Road is amazing. Late into the evening the cafes spill out onto the footpaths.

That's what the sky looked like yesterday when I went out to take some pictures of the roses. Today is a little more cloudy...but forecast isn't bad. And the roses...what beauty! And what a magnificent perfume! This one may be called "White Gold" though I'd need to go and read the label. It is obviously very happy in its new home and the house is full of cut blooms. It is the first of the bushes in flower but the others are not far behind.

"Odds and Ends" is a bit thin today...but time is running away and there are many things that need to be done before evening. However, if you're free on Sunday and fancy a picnic with a Bouncy Assault Course the morning service is at 11.00 am and will be fairly short (under an hour). Just bring your picnic and join us for a while at Saint Nicholas' - meeting in the halls on Cadogan Park as the church is still being repaired.


Ian Poulton said...

I think the Church of Ireland Pensions Board should be notified - anyone delighting in bouncy castles clearly has at least seventy years of life left in them!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes....seventy more years and most of them on a bus-pass! This is the mega-castle of all bouncy castles! I used to hire it for Magherally.