Thursday, 14 May 2009

Balmoral Show

Just a few pictures...too damp to stay long. May return later if it warms up a bit. By clicking on the pictures you'll see them much larger!

There is always more to see than there is time to view it...and by midday the crowds have gathered so moving around becomes more difficult. The animals are so patient and very beautiful. You could take pictures "till the cows come home" and still not be finished. Harder to get photographs of the show jumping and dog agility though. Some of the border collies are would be fun to set up a course for Eliot...mind racing on that one!

I love the show (apart from the pushing in the crowds and the people who simply drop their food containers on the ground). Colour, people, activity, the unusual and the is all at Balmoral Show. Would be more pleasant if the rain would stop. Feel sorry for the school parties.

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