Thursday, 30 April 2009


Have you ever noticed that raindrops on windows aren't "drop shaped"? There are many oppportunities to discover that these days!

Daffodils are floating dejectedly in about ten centimeters of water though the Iris are happily growing tall thinking that the marsh has come to them. Even the dog won't go out.

That may be due to extreme fatigue as much as the weather. Last night he had an absolute ball as he was entertaining Angel. It is quite amazing how well they behave when together considering just how different they are. She's an absolute beauty - a Lurcher - with a close resemblance to "Santa's Little Helper"! In the field she can outrun Eliot by miles. He might have stamina but she has speed. Eliot, unfortunatly, hasn't learned to share his bones. The bone in question lay undisturbed for days, possibly weeks. Suddenly last night it was the most important chew in the house and he carried it around like a prized possession. Angel, of course, true to her nature, simply ignored him - apart from a few longing glances as he took another lick.
Today, with the heating on, he's tucked up in his favourite chair, bone forgotten. Meanwhile his owner is thinking about all the things that need to be done and getting on with none of them! What else is a day off for? From time to time it would be good if there could be sunshine on Thursdays...maybe next week?

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