Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I love Wednesdays!

At 1.00 pm every Wednesday (unless it happens to fall on Christmas Day) there is Holy Communion in Saint Nicholas'. The group that gathers is now seldom fewer than fourteen and often nearer twenty. Our service is simple with two readings and no sermon (though maybe a thought for the day wouldn't go amiss from time to time). We enjoy each other's company and "The Peace" is always enthusiastic!

So that's why I like Wednesdays. The double joy of today is that I'm going to celebrate Holy Communion in Saint Bartholemew's this morning and then in Saint Nicholas' this afternoon.

Of course, today is damp, misty and not very bright - but that doesn't matter. Well, the gardener was supposed to be with me this afternoon, so maybe it matters just a little bit. There's always tomorrow, or the next day. Doesn't do to worry too much about the less important things. Indeed - it probably doesn't do to worry at all! Now, I think there's time for another coffee before I leave the rectory...!


Ian Poulton said...

No 1 pm service on Christmas Day?

I remember going to church in Magheralin one Christmas in the late 80s. It was Sunday, and the Lord's Day, so Roly Hutchinson had an evening service at 7 pm - there were 70-80 there!

Rev Elizabeth said...

No...with the morning HC I'd think that very few would consider turning out for a 1.00 pm service. Indeed, these days how many would be present at an evening service - for anyone - even Roly!