Friday, 24 April 2009


Putting two sensible thoughts together after a substantial lunch in Templepatrick is perhaps asking more than is possible on a now dull Friday afternoon. It was "comfort food" of the best kind: garlic mushrooms followed by sausage, onion gravy and champ; then the meal was rounded off with rather good coffee and big fat profiteroles....wish I'd taken photographs! Suffice to say that a poached egg on toast will be more than enough for a late tea this evening.

Food plays such an important part in our social interaction. The situations are varied: a meal with family or friends, a business lunch or an impromptu gathering and refreshments after the morning service or at some other church related activity. It seems to be one of the major factors in the success of the Alpha programme - the event begins with a shared meal.

Even eating alone can be a good experience...the textures, colours as well as the taste all contribute to a satisfying experience. Yesterday's fresh fruit based lunch was a case in point. Just how delicious are these raspberries? If you've clicked on the picture then they are larger than life and the sweet summer scent almost rises off the screen. Sadly they are imported but it won't be all that long until the local crops are in the shops. Together with the biggest blueberries that I've ever seen they made a great end to lunch as I sat in the Parish Office looking out at sun filtering through the cherry blossom.
Taking time to appreciate, and be thankful for, the simple pleasures in life is important. So often our lives rush by and we hardly even taste the food we eat - it becomes simply fuel to keep us going. I often use a "Grace at Mealtimes" by Terry Waite:

O Lord: In a world where many are lonely:
we thank you for our friendships.
In a world where many are captive:
we thank you for our freedom.
In a world where many are hungry:
we thank you for your provision.
We pray that you will:
enlarge our sympathy,
deepen our compassion,
and give us grateful hearts.
In Christ’s name.

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