Monday, 27 April 2009


These cards are now in the local supermarkets to let people know that we're still worshipping - just happens to be in the halls rather than in the church building. It is quite amazing that this free service is available. But, how do you determine if advertising works?
At least with VistaPrint there isn't a huge expenditure...but will anyone read, take a card home or visit church as a result? Indeed, does anyone come to this blog? Do please leave a wee note sometime if you read it!
Work on the building at Saint Nicholas' continues and the site meeting today moved things on another stage. It is too early to say if we're on schedule for reopening in September, but the signs are certainly hopeful. There were no new photographs today but I'll bring the camera along to the site tomorrow and see if there's anything of interest.

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Garth said...

I feel bad now for rarely, if ever, leaving a comment. I'm sure advertising does work - why would millions be spent on it! Well, now that I've commented, back to the studies!