Friday, 27 February 2009

I should get a life...

Cleaning saucepans, polishing shoes, shining copper....the simple things in life...the mindless things that allow your thoughts to wander... Time when you can reflect on the big questions... Maybe this is a life! Or should it be the creative essay title favoured by some teachers, "A day in the life of..."

A day in the life of a ... mobile phone... ...for want of anything else, and it happens to be sitting on the desk in front of me as I type.

Its day begins with the alarm...early, incessant, mundane and repetitive. The last phone had a rooster crowing - much more elegant and morning-ish. Then the "mp" accompanies me on the dog walk, sits beside the mug of steaming Fairtrade coffee and often brings a text or two before the day begins properly.

What then? A call to the hospital to see if the sick parishioners are there or have been discharged. If a visit is called for then the "mp" is switched off for a while - wouldn't want to be responsible for some malfunction of equipment. How do you encourage people to let you know when they are admitted....or sent home!?

A few texts at lunch time, catch up with colleagues or friends and back in the pocket (or the handbag) for the afternoon. A call or two - perhaps, as today, from the company supplying a new colour photocopier for the office - arriving on Monday. Then, in this exciting life, the rest of the evening is spent lying around on a table or desk...never far away...

Maybe I should get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe there's a parable in there somewhere?????????

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Anonymous said...

don't be so hard on your mobile phone, after all it is a means for folk in distress or trouble to contact you for help. Good pic of you and Eliot and the church.

Reckon when folk get better they forget to tell people that they are back home again it appears to be a human failing.

People ask God for help when in dire need but fail to thank him for his blessings.

I like the site keep it up.