Friday, 30 May 2008

Here we are again!

Well, Friday has come and gone...that means tomorrow is going to be busy with all the bits that must be done for Sunday...sermon finished, notice sheet printed and folded, clothes washed and ironed...and then...the choir are coming for supper after the evening service. That will be fun - just doing easy foods, will pinch my niece's recipe for Pimms and maybe even try the chicken one as well.
Tonight, the fan is buzzing away in the background as I write this. A warm day here and very calm. Pity the morning was spent in a conference - but such is life!
The dog is asleep - he should be more persistent when he wants a walk, but the poor thing just waits, and waits and waits.
Interesting to discover that there is one reader of this blog! "Hi" I'd like it to be more interesting, dynamic, fun...maybe someday the creative juices will flow!
Tonight I'm just tired and thinking of going to bed - not yet 10.00 pm! Night, night world. Sleep well.


Julia said...

Please tell me you tried the chicken??? haha!!!

Rev said...

Chicken works very well - tasty, tasty! More recipes please - especially easy ones!