Monday, 6 June 2016

To blog ... or not to blog ...

That is the question!
All good intentions of January were lost ... and here we are now enjoying the sunshine of June.  (Typical examination weather ... just when staying in to revise in the cool ... the temptation is to go out and pretend to study in the warmth!)
For now, anyhow, that dilemma is behind me.  Not that it was a particular difficulty ... sitting out trying to read in the bright light of summer never did appeal.
So, to return to the question.  From time to time people ask, "have you written anything lately?"  The answer is too frequently in the negative.  Should the blog continue ... or is it a self-imposed burden with which I can do without?
Maybe the question should be, "for whom is the blog written?"

  • For my own satisfaction ... and something to remind me of when significant events have happened?
  • For friends and family ... so they can know that sometimes I am alive and kicking?
  • For the wider world ... a preaching/teaching tool with spaces sometimes for reflection/prayer?

Perhaps all three simultaneously?
Just a year ago, yesterday, 5th June, Dougal became my family pet ... officially adopted from Assisi.  That photograph was at Christmas ...
This one was taken on the day I got him!
And now ... he's one happy dog ... travelling the length and breadth of the country, playing with Dusty, the neighbour's new pup, and generally wrapping me round his wagging tail.
 Rolling around in Waterford.
 Playing with the neighbour in Belfast.
 Basking on the sand dunes at Portstewart.
And, often at his most contented, swimming in the sea at Tyrella.
Life isn't totally focussed on Dougal ...
Saint Nicholas' Parish Church will often feature in the photographic memories ... wedding ... baptism ... regular services ... concerts ...

Time will tell if the blog continues ... you'll just have to return to see!

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