Saturday, 11 June 2016

Many expressions!

He's an amazing dog ... so many expressions that you'd imagine he's talking.  Maybe he is?
 The 'suspicious' look ... could be magpies on the bird table ... or wondering if he's going to be left home alone again.
 The 'show me your hands' look ... just in case a crumb has been overlooked ... he needs proof that all the treats are gone!
 'You're not getting away with anything' look.  This sideways gaze ensures that the last morsel has been left for him.  Is 'food' getting to be a theme here?
 'I want ... I want ... and ... I want it now' expression.  This look may begin in silence but will escalate to a sharp bark if his majesty's needs are not being met!  Usually food!
The 'pretending not to be interested' look.  But don't be deceived.  At the merest crinkle of a wrapping paper his attention is definitely back on track.
I'm here ... don't forget to put something in my bowl ... you are being watched!
 Hello friend ... there's always a welcome in the garden for you.
and finally ... I will jump through hoops to get a treat!

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