Saturday, 5 September 2015

Is there anything ...

... that Dougal won't eat?  Oh yes, bananas!
Apart from that he has a prodigious appetite ... For example, today (so far) he has enjoyed goats' cheese, mashed potato, scrambled egg, toast, Moroccan chunky houmous ... as well as some dog food and a few gravy bones!  Now, granted that the quantities of the human food were small-ish, the fact that he gobbles up anything that he's given is quite amazing.  Maybe I ought to add that he's not too keen on blackcurrant jam although the skin of freshwater trout is a treat!
The cheese was particularly tasty.  Grilled on fresh tomatoes this was an excellent starter for lunch.

Earlier in the day we enjoyed a car wash at the local Fire Station ... eight very energetic and fun officers all pitching in to raise funds for childhood cancer.  
Dougal loves to play ... earlier today it was with one of the toys at home ... a sort of ball with tugging ropes on the two ends.  Play was a bit rough, over-excited maybe ... anyhow ... I don't think the blue and red ball is long for this world!  For such a small hole there was an awful lot of white stuffing and a considerable pile of red and blue fibres!
He is very fond of this particular toy, carrying it around to where he sleeps ... often bringing it to me when I return after being out for a while ... but I suspect the end is in sight and he'll just have to find another plaything.  
Then after a spell outside chasing his tennis ball Dougal lay back for a well-earned rest!  What a life the poor dog has!  Doing the assault course will be for later in the day when he's had a good sleep.
 Last night he had an uninterrupted rest while I was attending the Studio Symphony Orchestra Quintet concert in Saint Nicholas'.  That was a great evening ... one of my sisters and brother in law were among the audience ... a beautiful and restful way to spend a couple of hours.
 The view from the gallery is often the best one for a camera shot.
 But after the concert I had the quintet pose for a "proper picture" ... getting a good image during the performance would have been just too disruptive.
I managed a few from a long distance away ... but the posed ones are definitely better.


Mozette said...

Well, good to know, your lovely woofie isn't a fussy eater. :D

And he's just adorable. :D

Rev Elizabeth said...

Yes ... he's a great dog.