Sunday, 27 September 2015


Today, in the lectionary, the Old Testament reading was from the book Esther.  So, since it was All Age Worship we had the entire narrative as the sermon; the emphasis being that God is at work even when the name of God is not actually mentioned.  The power of prayer, referred to in the James reading, is seen very clearly in the story of Esther.
As far as we could the congregation participated ... stamping feet when Haman was mentioned and cheering Mordecai.
It is a story worth reading in its entirety, not a long book and full of drama, intrigue, plots and salvation.  At one point it looks as if the entire Jewish population will be exterminated.  How often in history has that been so very true.
The hymns fitted with the theme to perfection.  O God our help in ages past, our hope for years to come ... and Amazing grace ...
It was a time of encouragement and praise as we remembered how God has been our guide, even in the days when we were unaware of God's presence.
Today was also the day when Saint Nicholas' received the supplement to the Church Hymnal, Thanks and Praise.  There's some good stuff in it and we look forward to using it alongside the hymnal in the months/years to come.
Meanwhile all is quiet in the household.  Dougal is snoring ... quite a relief from last night when he was annoyed by a bluebottle ... when the pesky insect landed on the curtains and, I'm convinced sat mocking the dog, Dougal stared at it for a full ten minutes.
 Last night the moon was clear and bright ... and tonight will be the lunar eclipse ... when the moon turns red!  In practice I took a few pictures late last evening so that I'd be ready for tonight's phenomena.  Whether I'll be up at 03.11 am is quite another question!
 Before the orb had risen high enough to take picture this was what happened as the camera focussed on the tree outside the rectory rather than on the moon itself!
There are very few daisies in the lawn here ... but these three cheerful heads have popped up among the moss and clover ... there is grass too!
 And, finally, another shot of Dougal ... every day he checks through the gate and makes sure that we're safe from all intruders.

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