Thursday, 13 August 2015

A day off

Getting to Kilkeel last night meant that I could begin the day off here.  The journey was pleasant and included a walk on the promenade at Newcastle; the beach has become more stone than sand.
I'd not seen the bronze claw before ... and Dougal posed nicely without being on the lead!
His obedience is impressive.  As a reward he got two new toys ... and shows little interest in either.

 Bot ended up in his bed with the furry duck, so maybe he's not totally unaware of them!
Getting the watercolour to its new location was part of the reason for this trip.  I do like it very much and thinks it looks good above the fire in the living room.
Finally, last night was "treat time" for me too!  It is hard to beat a Tunnock's that's been in the fridge for a while!
So, the sun shines and there's a beach not far away ... I could walk to it ... but maybe a coffee first ... in the mug that goes back many, many years!
And then a dander around the garden ...
... the apples are coming along nicely ... and some flowers are struggling for a place among the weeks.

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