Monday, 10 February 2014

The longest break ...

People ask if I'm going to return to the blog ... and the answer is "maybe"!
There's no doubt that Eliot is still as handsome as ever ... and appears to take great delight in being out and about in the car!
 Saint Nicholas' continues to be a place for quiet prayer at lunchtimes and a centre for worship on Sundays and Wednesdays ... and the choir is simply wonderful.  The anthem on our anniversary Sunday was beautiful.
Photographs of food are taken regularly ... 
So, life continues much as it did before the long break.
The gap was forced upon me with an attack of shingles ... and somehow, once a habit is broken, it is more difficult to return to that pattern.  
The best I can offer is that I'll try to keep to a regular slot ... 
Eliot will no doubt feature frequently!  
Flowers often provide inspiration.
And the Mountains of Mourne look good from any angle and in any kind of weather.
As it says in "Jubilate" ... the Lord is good, his loving mercy is for ever, his faithfulness throughout all generations."
So ... that's it for now!


Nancy Wallace said...

Welcome back! Lovely photos as always.

Mozette said...

So good to see you and Elliot back on your blog. A break is good for you ... especially from technology. I'm still getting back on my feet from the holidays myself.

However, my life has changed markedly since before Christmas. I'm taking part in the Creative Markets here - these are markets where 75% of your goods are hand-made. So, a lot of my time is spent sitting at my craft table making things and then a little bit of time is spent varnishing them all in my car port... phew! It's a very busy time for me. Not much time for me to do much else.

I barely have time to read either... naughty me! :P But I do squeeze in a few chapters before bed! :D