Thursday, 26 September 2013


We can't do without it ... but when it happens there's a more than 50:50 chance that we'll complain about it!  More so, perhaps, when it is a Day Off and walking the dog results in two very bedraggled specimens!
Neither of us cared!  The car had to go in for its MOT preparation and the walk back was pleasant.  We met a couple of parishioners on their way to school ... both boys were thoroughly soaked but didn't appear to mind as they sauntered along with schoolbags on their backs.
The boundary marker post was a good place to get a picture ... this one is almost buried in the pavement while the matching one on the other side of the road stands up clearly.  They date from an early twentieth century reordering of the city boundaries.
Eliot enjoyed a quick towel dry before curling up in a haze of wet-dog smell ... I've chosen the other room ... though there's maybe a wet-human aroma here!
So - it is raining!  Well - there's enough to keep me busy all day so I needn't worry about getting out.  It's a good excuse to make custard too.
Meanwhile ... after a bit of hunting around on iCloud ... I found some photographs that I'd taken on Monday ... phonetic spelling (I think) ... but it did look bad on the front window display!

It is the "clamintine" that carries the local accent best of all.

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